Ontario Open to Sports Betting and Online Gambling Changes

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Environment is looking at options through its budget to bring a whole different outlook in the province. In the Thursday’s, 6th February 2020, fiscal blueprint, changes were listed including those of ‘single-event sports betting, online gambling and public spaces drinking’.

If this is effected, Ontario would provide competitive rivalry to other neighbouring provinces and in the US.

The changes seem to be on the way and we could experience Ontario welcoming an avenue filled with different entertainment possibilities. We would see casino venues in Ontario promoting free alcohol to the players if a go-ahead is given on the budget.

What is positive to Canadians is the fact that the language of making single-event sports betting has picked up and the planned efforts are something to be excited for.

Single-Event Sports Wagering Possible Legalization

The budget in question contains 283 pages all with improvement options. The budget has been referred to as ‘the party budget.’ With the Criminal Code of Canada restricting single sports events wagering, we are looking at a possible change in the stance is the changes are effected.

The changes are seen as an avenue to transform Canada into becoming a competitive gaming destination for local players and revellers. If the changes are effected, it would see many Canadians reduce wagering on abroad sports betting platforms.

With New York and Michigan looking to regulate sports betting, Ontario has stepped up the move since many would opt for the incoming markets to make their sports wagers.

The federal government aims to stop the flow of wagering money from Canadians that is going to offshore bookmakers and in the US. To put it into context, over CA$110 million goes to them annually. The possibility of new names to Ontario’s online gaming space is another highlight the budget is looking at.

The Return of Online Gamblers

The Progressive Conservative is also looking to modernize and improve online gambling which is currently overseen by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. To diversify the market to the players, they are looking at the possibility of introducing competition.

Online gambling has been largely preferred due to its convenience aspect.

Players can at anytime, anywhere take their time to gamble and win big. If the improvements are implemented, it would reduce the amount of money heading to offshore online gambling sites.

For online gambling, the annual figure has reached CA$500 million. In the wake of the new developments, the Canadian Gaming Association welcomed the move and pointed out that it would protect the players from harmful practices.

Paul Burns, who is the Canadian Gaming Association’s Chief Executive Officer and President noted that with the offshore companies already accepted and preferred by many, they would still find their spot in the province’s online gambling space. The past few months have seen the industry stakeholders chipping in and providing ideas for the modernization of the market. If this is achieved, the players’ expectations will be met and can bring a breath of fresh air.

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