Best iDebit Casinos

idebitGambling in Canada has been made easier thanks to the factors put in place to ensure its success. The banking section is one such factor that has been aligned perfectly to ensure depositing and withdrawing funds is an easy process. For every casino we recommend on our platform, this is an aspect we pay close attention to. We look at the various methods offered, if they are convenient in Canada, how fast they transact, charges/fees attached to them, and the pros & cons of each.

iDebit is one such method that is popular in Canadian online casinos. Below is an in-depth review of the payment method including the reasons you should opt for it and why you would have second thoughts about it. Read on!

What is iDebit?

iDebit is among the newest payment methods but has been largely adopted in Canada by different entities including online casinos. Among the requirements needed for you to use this method include;

  • You must be at least 18-years-old
  • You must have a bank account that supports online banking
  • You must create an iDebit account

iDebit falls under the e-wallet category which means that you can expect fast and instant transactions. This is what every player wants! It also stands out for the simple fact that minimal flat rate fees are attached to the transactions. With its access in more than 20 countries, iDebit is gradually growing.

The basic idea behind this method is that it acts as a middleman between your bank account and the online casino. We shall have a closer look at this later.

Top iDebit Canada Casinos

We always identify with the player and to make your search process easier and fast, below are some of the iDebit-friendly casinos;

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How does iDebit work?

As earlier stated, iDebit acts as a middleman between your bank account and your online casino account. You will link your bank account with the payment system where you can make payments (deposits) to your merchant (online casino). A point to note is that the bank account you opt for must support online banking services.

But which are the Canadian banks offering online banking services? We have the list! Some of the popular ones include;

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Td Canada Trust
  • Scotiabank
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • National Bank
  • Simplii Financial
  • Desjardins

Using iDebit will only require you to open up your iDebit account, log into your bank account and complete the transaction. All that will be needed in the whole process will be your username and password. This increases the level of security considering your financial and personal details are not shared or stored at any point.

Depositing with iDebit

The process of depositing to your online casino account is quite easy. You need to ensure you have an iDebit account and a bank account that is linked. If you meet the aforementioned requirements, here is the step-to-step guide on how to go about it;

  1. Log in to your iDebit-friendly casino account
  2. Go to the option ‘Banking’, ‘Cashier’ or ‘Deposit’
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit
  4. Choose iDebit as your preferred mode of payment
  5. Log in to your iDebit account or check out as guest
  6. Choose your bank that money will be debited from
  7. Confirm the payment and you will be ready to go!

Ensure that your username and password is NEVER shared with anybody.

There will be a flat rate fee of C$1.50 charged once you deposit funds from your bank account. However, if you had funds in your iDebit account, there will be no charges attached to any payment you make to the merchant.

Unlike some other popular payment methods, you cannot split your payment on one transaction. iDebit does not allow you to use two different bank accounts to make one payment. Payment must be completed fully from one bank account.

Another point to note is that business accounts are not eligible to use iDebit for making payments. Only personal accounts are accepted.

Withdrawing with iDebit

We try as much as possible to recommend casinos that offer a payment method available for both deposits and withdrawals. This increases the convenience levels to players due to the few or no hassles likely to be experienced. iDebit has been highly-rated for the provision of both services (deposits and withdrawals)

After a win is recorded in your favorite iDebit-friendly casino, then comes the withdrawal process. The process is also easy and below is the step-to-step guide on how to go about it;

  1. Go to the option ‘Banking’, ‘Cashier’ or ‘Withdraw’ on your casino account
  2. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw
  3. Choose iDebit as your preferred mode of payment
  4. Log in to your iDebit account or check out as guest
  5. Confirm the withdrawal and your funds will reflect in your iDebit account
  6. If you wish to transfer the funds to your bank account, you will transfer from your iDebit account at a cost.

Just like making a deposit, there will be some flat rate charges placed on every withdrawal made. Transferring funds from your online casino account to your iDebit account will not be charged. However, transferring funds from your iDebit account to your bank account will be charged C$2.

iDebit has set out a ’28-Day Balance Policy’ which requires players to withdraw any funds in their iDebit accounts within 28 days. This means that you will either re-deposit funds to your online casino or transfer them to your bank account.

iDebit on mobile

Living in an era where mobile phones are popularly used means one thing, that many services should be accessed through the phones. We always emphasize on the convenience factor where our players can access any casino service at their comfort. This includes payment methods. Many payment methods have launched their mobile platforms in the form of mobile applications which players can download and have even better services.

Unfortunately, maybe due to the method being among the newest, iDebit doesn’t offer a mobile platform. This is a section that we hope to be addressed and we will keep you posted on any development.

iDebit FAQs

With iDebit being among the newest methods, questions are bound to arise as players socialize with the mode. At Casinomatcher, we have taken some of the most frequently asked questions which include;

Is iDebit safe?

Yes. An iDebit user is guaranteed of security with no financial or personal details passed through or stored. Additionally, no banking information is shared with the merchant and the payment system has also been strengthened by SSL technology and 128-bit encryption technology.

Are there any charges to expect?

Yes. iDebit has placed flat rate charges on every deposit you make from your bank account at C$1.50 and every transfer of funds you make from your iDebit account to your bank account at C$2. This will be effective on any amount of money you transact with.

Which are some of the iDebit-friendly casinos in Canada?

iDebit is widely spread with some of the top casinos in the land incorporating the method. At Casinomatcher, we have researched for you and provided a list of the top legal casinos accepting iDebit payments.

Is Instadebit the same as iDebit?

The name may sound more like the same but these are two different payment methods. Instadebit will require you to first fund your account (Instadebit) before you can make a payment to the merchant. This makes the method much slower than what iDebit offers.

iDebit Pros

iDebit draws a myriad of positives to the players using the method. They include;

  • High security – Your bank details are never shared with your merchant which in our case is the online casino. Additionally, iDebit has employed Verisign Secure Socket Layer and 128-bit encryption technology to further enhance security.
  • Fast – iDebit is highly-rated for its instantaneous transactions where deposits appear in your account in a little time
  • Low flat rate fees – Unlike many payment methods that hide their fees or place their fees depending on the amount of money you transact, iDebit has placed low flat rate fees for any deposit you make from the bank account and any transfer you make from the iDebit account.
  • Anonymity – With no financial or personal details being relayed through the internet, the security of the players’ information remains guaranteed
  • Canada-friendly – You would think iDebit only offers its services to Canada. Many casinos have adopted it as well as many Canadian banks are in partnership with the mode.

iDebit Cons

iDebit draws a few negatives with the popular ones being;

  • Restricted to online banking – iDebit requirement is that a user must have an account with a bank that offers online banking services.
  • Not a global force – The method is fairly new and its access has only been limited to at least 20 countries. However, there is some progress in covering more ground.